Who is Soleluna?

Soleluna, that’s me: Lidia Bernabei your personal Italian dietitian, nutritionist and wellness travel assistant. Passion and experience combined, ensure your holiday in Italy, or workshop in Holland, is, from beginning to end, both relaxing and fun.


Through healthy and delicious food, alongside a dedicated lifestyle coaching team, we will get you on the path to mental and physical vitality.

Soleluna, the road to health

Life is beautiful: experience health with pleasure

Soleluna provides wellness holidays in Italy and workshops in the Netherlands, aimed at rediscovering your vitality.  Be pampered, relax and recharge whilst enjoying a healthier lifestyle.

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Enjoy and relax in a healthy way

At arrival there will be a healthy and tasty homemade thea waiting for you. After the introduction you’ll be starting with an hour of relaxing sport activities that are suited for beginners and challenging for intermediates.

After the sport activities you can enjoy a surprise meal that only contains biological ingrediënts. The main dish will either be a nutritious soup or a special salad, delicious and healthy.

Because of Lidia’s practical and easy to follow lifestyle tips the path to an healthy lifestyle becomes more fun and easier to pursue.

This workshop can be arranged for either your family, friends, a party, a company event, a partner or just for you … eitherway; you’ll return home with new vitality and a guaranteed smile on your face!

Het Our pretty location; Seinwezen in Haarlem

Stylish, spatious, quiet and still in the centre of Haarlem.

Kinderhuissingel 1 Haarlem.


At Manege Vosse in HaArlem.

Good vibes, discrete and mindful activities for fit horses and riders.

Stalhouderij – Manege Vosse

Kinderhuissingel 2d (Inrit N.S.)

2013 AS Haarlem

Telephone: 023-5312876

Both locations can easely be reached by foot.

Free parking.


Lidia is an Italian foodcoach and dietitian  that currently lives in the Netherlands. With her cultural background, studies and experiences in Afrika and India concerning healing food she can show you that healthy food and having a good time are compatible with eachother. Her guest speakers and sportive collegues will surprise you with new forms of exercise and mindfulness.

Every last Wednesday evening of the month:

wed 19 april 2017 Spring Food to Move incl. diner. Theme: Allergies, Fusion Italian Japanese, Hatha Yoga

from 18.30 till 21.00 a clock

wed 31 may 2017 Spring Food to Move incl. dinner. Theme: Flow into the Summer with Souplesse, Power and Good Food

from 18.30 till 21.00 o clock

wed 28 june 2017  SPECIAL EDITION Food to Move Zomer incl. dinner. Theme: Feed your Skin, Shape your body, Mindful Dietitian hints for your holidays

from 18.30 till 21.00 a clock

Price from 1 january 2016

Workshopsprice€ 40,-

Combination deal 5 x for € 175,-


Workshops with horses cost 5€ pp on top of the standard price: 45€ pp.


Sport and mindfulness lessons
Delightfull healthy herbal thea and amuse, dinner and recipes. Group coaching with mindful dietitcans.

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    Had a great time, see you next year!
    Fam. De Winter
    Completely reborn, thank you for the good care Lidia!

    Practical lifestyle, nutrition, and relaxation tips make the step towards a healthy life much easier. 

    Go home with a smile on your face after a Soleluna holiday or workshop

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    Our Mission

    Soleluna wants to encourage the notion that a healthy lifestyle is possible in combination with delicious foods and flavours and that healing relaxation can be associated with carefree,

    enjoyable experiences. Mental and physical ‘detox’ is definitely better when accompanied by enjoyment!


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